How to update the Detail Center Drawings without affecting the manual changes done in the drawing

 Version(s):CONNECT Edition
 Area:Drawing Production
 Subarea:Detail Center Standard 
 Original Author:Mihir Patil, Bentley Product Advantage Group


There can be manual changes done in the drawing and once the drawing is updated there is a chance of
these changes may lose if proper settings are not set.

In this wiki, we will learn how to avoid this issue and keep manual changes as it is after updating the drawing.

Follow the steps below.


1. Under Steel workflow, navigate to the Detail Center Standard located under the Drawing Production tab.

2. In the Detail Center dialog, under the parts tab, click on the Special Settings button.

3. In the Settings for parts tab, make sure that the option ‘Restore Manual Changes if Update’ checked.

4. This will prevent the deleting of manual changes done in the drawing while updating it.

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