Unmapped fields cannot be moved on Parts Database Manager Customization

 Product(s):Promis.e, Bentley Substation
 Version(s):through 08.11.12.xx
 Area:Component Management
 Subarea:Parts Database

Problem Description

After mapping fields such as "user1" with a Display Name such as "MyField" that is different than the Internal Name during the creation or editing of a parts database path, the additional fields cannot be added to the [[Parts Database Manager]] dialog. On the Customization dialog, the fields cannot be dragged from the unmapped fields category to other categories such as Part Data, Symbol Data, Detailed Description etc.

Steps To Resolve

  1. Click the Reset button on the main [[Parts Database Manager]] dialog.
  2. Close Parts Database Manager.
  3. Open Parts Database Manager and try to customize the dialog again.

 Original Author:K_Obsr

P/S 74265, TFS 6097