Error - user configuration file could not be updated

 Product(s):Bentley Substation
 Version(s):10.00.00. 232 -

Error or Warning Message

When trying to open a project page in a different project than previously opened, the following error message is displayed.

The change to the WorkSpace and WorkSet will not be remembered for future sessions because the current user configuration file could not be updated.


This message can occur when the software cannot write to the user configuration file (.ucf) because the file is read-only or the user otherwise does not have write permission on the file or folder. The software is trying to write the name of the WorkSpace and WorkSet to the Personal.ucf file as "recently used".

How to Avoid

Option 1 - Correct file/folder permissions

  1. Open the Key-in dialog in Bentley Substation and enter the following, then press Enter:
    $ % explorer $(_USTN_HOMEPREFS)

    This will open Windows File Explorer to the relevant path, which is typically

    C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Bentley\Substation\10.0.0_1\prefs\

    or similar.

  2. Ensure the user can modify the Personal.ucf file in this folder.

Option 2 - Disregard the error message

The user will not be able to modify user-specifc configuration settings and the software will not "remember" the last workset that was accessed if the Personal.ucf remains "read-only", but otherwise the software may operate normally, depending on the contents of the Personal.ucf file. So disregarding the message may cause no problems. There is a Do not display again check box on the message that can be used to suppress future messages.

 Original Author:Matt_P