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 Product(s):Promis.e, Bentley Substation
 Area:Drawing Management
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The Title Block Designer tool is used to create and modify page title blocks, which are stored as DGN files in catalogs (DWG files for promis.e for AutoCAD). Title blocks generally consist of lines and other drawing elements, static text, and variable text. Variables for dates, project descriptions, page descriptions, and other information are automatically populated when the title block is used on a project page. The title block used on a project page is specified on the New/Modify Page dialog. A default title block can be specified in [[Options]] > Project Options.

To open the Title Block Designer

* is used to denote a menu selection that is not necessary in some versions or platforms.


V8i SELECTseries 5 through 8

V8i through SELECTseries 3

promis.e 2007

For more information

Click Help on the Title Block Designer dialog.

Alternatively, for Bentley Substation CONNECT Edition, see the Title Block Designer section of online Help for Bentley Substation available from Bentley Product Documentation.

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