PLC I/O Text Import - Component Features - Substation CONNECT

 Product(s): Bentley Substation CONNECT
 Version(s): 10.04.XX.XX
 Area: Component Features
 Subarea: PLC Text Import


Each address of a PLC symbol has a corresponding I/O text attribute that typically describes what the address controls. Entering I/O text values for each address on every PLC card in a project can be time consuming. Promis.e has ability to import the I/O Text for each I/O address from an Excel or Text file.

Steps to Accomplish

1. Create an Excel Sheet for PLC Text import with the details for I/O address, I/O Text, Installation, Location, and device tag.
Note: The PLC text import compares the I/O address and the complete Device Id (Installation, Location, and Device Tag) of the symbol with the details specified in the Excel sheet looking for an exact match.

2. Next go to File and select Options and select PLC Setting. Next Select Browse and select the Excel/ Text file and select Ok.

3. Next, go to the Schematic page where the PLC is located and Right click on it and select I/O Text.

4. Next, in I/O Text definition dialog select Import I/O Text and select Ok.

If the address and device ID of the symbol matches with an entry in the file the corresponding I/O text value will be imported as shown below:

 Original Author:Satish Saptasagar