Resolved issues in Promis.e CONNECT Edition Update 3,

Generation:CONNECT Edition

IDReported Description
341197After you added a wire path using the Panduit Wire Containment feature if you tried to add other parts by choosing the Select button in the Select Part Number dialog no content was displayed.
285197In IEC projects reopening a graphical terminal/pin plug page could result in the pin numbers shifting one position causing them to be mismatched with the connection information.
290527In the Symbol Creation Wizard, using the Array feature to place cross reference text attributes would result in the wrong level being assigned to the attributes.
564400If you clicked into an empty Recently used list in the Insert Symbol dialog you would get an error.
707936If you rename some terminals with Terminal/Pin-Plug Manager such that you get prompted as to whether you want to duplicate terminal numbers with other existing terminals in the project you could end up with extra orphaned part numbers assigned to certain terminals.
740417Moving terminal symbols in or out of field boxes and then executing validate page would result in an error related to the moved terminals.
1034979Clicking on a terminal strip in the Terminal Manager that used a long device ID name could result in an error as the system tried to query the project database to obtain the terminal strip information.
1035874If you tried to enter attribute names and values in the Parts Database Manager that exceeded 255 characters it would get truncated.  Now the character length has been extended to avoid any truncation.
493059Executing the Smart Move feature on a wire that has a loop over another wire running perpendicular to it would leave the loop over symbol in the original position rather than adjusting it to the new position of the wire.
707831Enable ProjectWise integration and share your catalogs on a network using a mapped drive. If you disconnect your mapped drive and opened ProjectWise Explorer you got an error that the path to the catalog could not be found and it was removed from the configuration.  Now opening PW Explorer alone will no longer give this error since you have not yet tried to load any file and launch the software yet.
693295The Cable Manager's Swap Targets feature did not take effect on wiring diagrams or cable cross references if the installation/location of the targets were different on the same side.
858359When you have PLC parent and child symbols placed using Automatic Addressing and you link an I/O Text import file and import the text and then change focus in the I/O text dialog from the address field to the function text field it changes the value of the function text to another value found on a different address.
804758The Generate Settings dialog in the PLC Generator tool was updated so that the Drawing Set pull-down is now immediately populated upon loading the dialog and the Installation and Location fields are now combo boxes with the installation and locations used in the project.  The feature is now using the active project and doesn't need to be selected anymore.
974553The projects in Windows Explorer folder now display the application icon rather than the standard Windows folder icon.
996599Use the Draw Ladder command to define a ladder.  Delete every other rung and then insert multiple symbols on each remaining rung.  Now move the entire ladder circuit and it unexpectedly deletes the rails.
1012897The MicroStation "Position Mapping" feature was not enabled in the software.  Now the feature has been enabled and the settings can be found in File > Setting > User > Preference.
1038866When defining a Project API Builder Excel Instruction file the PAG command for creating a page was limited to 241 page description columns beginning at column "O."  This limit has been removed now so that you can add as many additional page description columns as needed.
1012713The Lock column was added to the Configuration Variables > WorkSet tab to display the status of the variable.
1037201Create a symbol with the "Default Tag = ?" toggle enabled and save the symbol.  If you modify this symbol again and turn off the toggle and save the symbol again and insert it on a page it still defaults to having a question mark.
1041811When you generate a Graphical Plan for Terminals which have Part Numbers assigned to it and have connections to PLC symbols the Terminal Number on the Graphical Plan was offset from it's proper position and is located somewhere outside of the chart.
1029468The software was not recognizing the configuration variable MS_CONFIGURATIONOPTS = DisallowCreatingWorkSpace, DisallowCreatingWorkSet which should have disabled the ability to create a new WorkSpace and WorkSet.
1032157The Insert Symbol by Device ID dialog was not able to preview panel layout and wiring diagram symbols.
1032164When using Pneumatic/hydraulic mode the Replace ribbon menu commands referred to wires, but should have said, "Pipes."
1032428The Command protection role of viewer had the ability to add catalog paths and create catalogs in the Modify Catalog Paths dialog despite having read-only privileges.
1035216The Wire Calculator tool inside the Panduit Wire Containment tool did not find any wires in the list.
1057380Drawing files copied between two projects with different 'Options/Standards/Text Settings' did not automatically inherit the text settings of the new project.
1057450Changing project options for 'Options/Standards/Text Settings' removes suppression of text for all elements within a current Project.
1037598The Preview, Edit and New buttons in the Wire Sizing tool were not displayed in the Chinese version of the software.
1038596The Chinese version could not create reports or edit report templates as an error would appear related to the DevExpress report control.
1052761"The dgn format cannot be recognized" was displayed while using Refresh /Update Page.
1052933If you connect to a database that uses a previous version's schema and choose not to upgrade it when creating a New Project the Database Version is presented three times rather than once.
1042786The software could not generate the Cable diagram connections for a terminal strip in an IEC project.
1048506When creating a New Page with a particular custom Title Block the software displayed an Error Message "Specified Cast is not valid."
1036856An error appeared when drawing a wire in Panel Layout mode and right clicking to open the Wire Manager.
1022659When you copied a project that had work orders in it the copied project did not retain this information.
799414Fixed some spelling / grammar issues for some entries in the Mode Manager.
799434In the Mode Manager, the Rename feature allowed you to attempt to rename a reserved mode and then displayed an error. Now the rename will not be allowed on reserved modes.
799557The fields listed in the Exchange Equipment Number dialog should be directly taken from the mapped parts database configuration.
373124An error appeared when you copied and pasted a location name in the BOM Explorer.
769127It was difficult to set focus in the password edit box under New Project -> Database and WorkSpace Configuration Variables -> Database Connection dialog in a Virtual Machine running Win 10 64 bit.
816278When using the Revision Control features in a ProjectWise integrated environment there was an issue where incrementing the project revision would create a project backup, but the backup did not include the latest modifications to the project.  This meant when getting a previous revision it would be missing the changes that were expected to be a part of that revision.
961573Enabling Engineering Design Checks in the User Options dialog was not automatically enabling these checks when the feature was set to execute whenever a page was closed.
788481The software would stop responding when using the Create Complex Shape Tool.
872760When right clicking on a symbol and selecting symbol text and then choosing the Add Attribute button would display a dialog listing possible attributes to add.  Some of the attributes in the list were not localized in the Chinese version of the software.
872776The Place Wire Label dialog was not entirely localized in the Chinese version.
1025998If you created a new drawing mode in the Mode Manager and specified a seed file to use for creating pages with this mode the software did not apply the specified seed file in the Project Options.
1026118If you tried to delete a quantity in the BOM Manager for a given part record you received an input string error.
618259There were some temporary macros that were delivered in the standard catalogs that have been removed now.
798058Using ProjectWise integration closeing a page in the Project Manager and selecting "Free" from the check-in dialog would not properly free the document in ProjectWise.
1040597Selecting File>Save in the Report Template Designer could result in an error.
448313The Cable Manager dialog had an extra column chooser dialog that was unnecessary which has now been removed to avoid confusion.
571370Project delete permissions were required to modify the Project Options when integrated with ProjectWise.
867207The Page Preview could not be displayed in the Select Page dialog in ProjectWise.
767049Part numbers of terminators should be included in the Grounding Grid reports.
801485When you switch the parts database that you are loading the BOM Explorer did not update to the newly selected database.
815049When integrated with ProjectWise the New Page dialog was slow to appear when attempting to create a new page.
957423If you added a new Wire Use level in the Project Options this Wire Use did not appear in the Wire Use picker to select it.
943860If you had a macro that contained wire tags and you elected to maintain the wire tags, but specified a 90 degree rotation during placement it failed to maintain the wire tags.
939592If you used the software's API to create a new project you would not see the project listed in the Project Manager until you restarted the software.
948035If you created a new graphical plan template, page format, or report template and then modified it, the template could not be found in local default program data folder or ProjectWise.
1035794Placing a standard symbol attribute in the symbol creation wizard could result in an object reference not set error.
1008665Define custom modes in the Mode Manager and create a parts database mapping that associates a user defined field with each custom mode.  Create a project with pages that use the new custom modes by default.  If you then switch to a parts database that does not have the field mapping for these custom modes and try to open the Mode Manager you get an unhandled error.
1047527When utilizing the Components Center technical preview feature you were not given appropriate error messages if you attempted to modify or delete components that you didn't have modify rights to.
988394If you had focus set to the project in the Project Manager tree and attempted to launch the Delete Page tool it actually displayed the Delete Project dialog by mistake.
998774When using Project Builder to create a project the pages that are generated are not listed in the Project Manager until you switched to another project and back again.
998796When using Project API Builder to create a project the pages that are generated are not listed in the Project Manager until you switched to another project and back again.
1008317You would get an error "Could not find a part of the part 'XXX\ProjectAddressFile.txt'" when restoring a project and click Options -> Project Settings -> Address File -> Save.
1035214When placing a Hook Point From a Load Point in the Hook Point Manager, the hook point was not properly positioned at the load point.
1033975When you right clicked on a wire label and selected Text Settings the dialog was not displayed.
1034012The ELEC_CATALOG_PATH_TITLEBLOCKS variable in the WorkSpace configuration was defaulted to a Symbols folder and it should have been mapped to "TitleBlock."
1011841The Project options Profile could not be saved in the ProjectWise path.
1045712If you selected Tools>Setup from the PLC Generator dialog you got an error referring to Components Center.
1024878The Edit Wires command is missing when right clicking on a SmartLine which was needed to convert a line to a wire.
1011816The System Options profile displayed the local folder path, it should have displayed a ProjectWise path like the Project options profile.
1018329The BOM Manager columns display was being taken from the ANSI-IEEE WorkSpace even after you switched to the IEC WorkSpace.
1020710The Wire Manager takes several minutes to load when you connect two devices to the same terminal connection point.
1030776If you placed a label to the left of the insertion point it would append an extra ID string to the label.  For instance, a label of "123" would appear as, "123 -ID2007.2."
1037589The Components Center Option settings in the System Options were not displayed properly in the dialog in the Chinese build.
1024315The feature that allowed one to deploy predefined templates for the files in AppData\Roaming folder was not working.
1030377Some dialog boxes in the BOM Manager were not localized in the Chinese language.
1029265The Place Field Tool Settings dialog was not localized in the Chinese language in the Chinese version.
1034672If you created a new ProjectWise datasource and you clicked Configure you were not able to configure the datasource properly.
1032499The PLC Generator would fail with an error when trying to generate the I/O diagrams.
1036583The Automatic Wire Number tool would fail with an error if you entered a prefix to assign to each wire number.
1038334If you moved certain circuits on the page from one position to another an API error could occur.
1036912Running the Graphical Plan on the sample project resulted in extra repeated wire labels in the graphical plan for the same terminal number.
1037223If you created a macro which included fields in it and you placed that macro the installation and location text of the field was shifted far away from the field itself.
1037575Some strings in the Work Order Manager dialog were not localized in the Chinese version.
1037301Some buttons cannot be shown in the Lightning Protection Tool dialog in the Chinese version.
1040766When using the Project Publisher pending Title Block Attribute Changes were not applied before creating the PDF.
1040780A project created in CONNECT update 2 would not be accessible in the Project Manager with the wrong message that stated, "Please Migrate project to Connect".  The message should have informed the user to run the Configuration Assignment tool to associate a CONNECT configuration with the project.
1046779An error occurred when we copied a page with field in it.
1048028Feature license usage for the Project Manager and Open Page commands were not being properly reported.
1053538When you opened a project page using ProjectWise Cloud and then attempted to close the page, it was not able to close the page.
1053539The software was slow to open a page using ProjectWise Cloud.