Resolved issues in Promis.e CONNECT Edition Update 4,

Reported Description
1061380[Balloon] Asociation to symbol does not work.
1054343[Balloon] Issues when place balloon in the drawing.
1054320[Balloon] Providing  6 default styles in a DGN lib file by default (styles are missing)
1054308[Balloon] The balloon can only be placed in the Top view in a 3D layout page (in Substation UP4 and V8i ballons can be placed in different views)
1054358[Balloon] The software will crash if the user places a balloon for a 3D symbol with ACK part numbers.
1061993[Balloon]The text is truncated in the Place Balloon dialog.
1054307[Balloon]When restoring an old project with balloons, then modifying the old balloon in the schematic mode page, the software crash.
807518[Catalog} Error generated during importing catalog due to fields values length exceeding the max length
1054299[CatalogManager] After importing any catalog, Catalog manager refreshes all present catalogs
1070074[Component Center] Cannot list the symbol with family details in the Insert Symbol by Device ID dialog
1070221[Component Center] Error is generated when saving the new family to overwrite existing ones in the catalog in Component Center
1055115[Components Center]The software will pop up CONNECTION Failed when activating the refresh button in Catalog Manager.
1039713[Construction Drawing Manager]The grid header right-click menu is hidden by the fields list.
1066584[LCM Properties Control]The BOM Document Number and Revision Number values cannot be assigned to a symbol.
1039944[Modify Catalog Paths] The catalogs under the PW path are not listed in the Expansion box
1062399[Options Balloon Settings]Balloon type and some balloon settings are removed for some pages in the options->Balloon Settings dialog.
1066607[Options] Life Cycle Manager Settings -> Attribute values -> Add, the default value should be "Attribute Value Name", not  "Attribute Name"
1069328[Performance Project Manager] Opening the Drawing Set tab in the project manager dialog is slow
810508[Performance] The automatic rebuild of the catalog database should not open every dgn in the catalog.
1032409[Place Labels]  BOM is not created properly when the option " Construction-ID" is checked on the construction drawing
1069421[PW Backup]Error dialog pops up when backing up the project.
1061677[PW Cloud] Open new page dialog copies out unnecessary files
1053543[PW Cloud] Opening the modify page dialog is very slow.
1061302[PW Cloud] Symbol creation fails if catalogs are stored in PW hosted environment 
1061699[PW Cloud] Symbol creation in hosted ProjectWise environment throws an exception error
1053665[PW Cloud]Modifying the description of the location is very slow.
1069627[PW Run Shortest Distance] Run the shortest distance in ProjectWise environment will cause the software crash.
1067222[Report Template Design] Error dialog pops up while adding work order/life cycle status to the sorting dialog in the preview report
1057210[Text Settings]Add an “Apply” button in the Edit Text format dialog.
1054886[Text Settings]Modify the Device ID Text color, and then reopen the Edit Text format dialog, the color display is not correct.
1054871[Text Settings]While selecting the Terminal/Pin-plug, the format of Symbol Text is changed.
1054875[Text Settings]While selecting circuits with different text format for the Device ID, and changing the height in the Edit Text format dialog, the preview is incorrect.
1056956Validate Page command didn't work in Users Project
1065230Cross Reference is not visible 
1067851Creating a New Page and Modifying the Page tools are performing slower compared to the Update 3
198259LCM does not assign wire properties to new wires following the correct By Branch or By Potential process
1040466Modify report templates to include Properties Control Variables
1061786Opening the page in the user's project, the project will crash
1034575Symbol creation command excludes certain 3D objects
1055577The page sort order is not consistent for the names starting with both character and number

The symbol creation dialog is hidden when placing a Tag Mnemonic even though the dialog was pinned open

981533{Project Builder] Import legacy template in Project Builder's Template Manager doesn't import the data
1032151[Documentation] [Options] Help about Symbol Text Sharing should be updated to the new version with Shared Value Over Terminal Strip
1065503[Text Settings] Line spacing for Symbol text or PLC IO text more for rotated text compared to normal text.
1061239 When Quantity Per unit is Part Number is -1,  insert symbol by part number changes the Quantity while placing the symbol.
1055651Connection Point Level is not toggling properly while copying the symbol
1056080 New Wire Levels not being created from option
1067772Error Message for Project revision number is an alphabet instead of a number