Configuration Files - Promis.e

Product(s):Promis.e CONNECT Edition



In the CONNECT Edition, the software utilizes the native Power Platform configuration system to locate the dataset, connect to the project database, and specify various default settings.

Note: Power Platform is the MicroStation core application that underlies the CONNECT Edition product.

The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of the specific configuration files that are used to configure the software. It explains the configuration hierarchy and identifies the location of key configuration files and what application configuration variables are set within those files.

Configuration Hierarchy

The configuration system is comprised of various configuration files which are organized in a hierarchy. When the software is started, it loads the configuration files in accordance with the hierarchy in the following order:

  1. System
  2. Organization
  3. Workspace
  4. WorkSet
  5. Role
  6. User

Note: If any given variable is set in multiple configuration files at different levels of the hierarchy, the value set in the last loaded file will override the previously set values.

Configuration Files

After a default installation of the software, Promis.e deploys two workspaces entitled, “Promise ANSI-IEEE Example" and "Promise IEC Example.” The Promis.e Configuration Variables are defined in configuration files named, “Promise.cfg” which are located at the Workspace and WorkSet levels of the configuration hierarchy.

Workspace Configuration File

The application Workspace configuration file is found here:

…\ Configuration \ WorkSpaces \ Promise ANSI-IEEE Example\ Standards \ Promise\ Promise.cfg

…\ Configuration \ WorkSpaces \ Promise IEC Example\ Standards \ Promise\ Promise.cfg

At a high level, this configuration file loads the following information:

This configuration file makes use of the following Promis.e configuration variables:

For details on the purpose of each of these variables please refer to the Configuration Variables article.

WorkSet Configuration File

The application WorkSet configuration file is found here:

...\Configuration\WorkSpaces\Promise ANSI-IEEE Example\Worksets\Promise_Sample_ANSI-IEEE\Standards\Promise\Promise.cfg

...\Configuration\WorkSpaces\Promise IEC Example\Worksets\Promise_Sample_IEC\Standards\Promise\Promise.cfg

The default WorkSet configuration files provided with the software do not set any Promis.e specific variables since they are set at the WorkSpace level.  If you want to override any configuration settings at the WorkSpace level you may specify Promis.e configuration variables in this file and set the desired values for them. 

For a list of the configuration variables refer to the Configuration Variables article.