How to create separate IFC files for groups/assemblies in the model?

 Version(s):CONNECT Edition
 Original Author:Mihir Patil, Bentley Product Advantage Group


For Fabricators, it is required to navigation of each group/assemblies so that they can take the complete visual sights which can be used while fabricating.
In ProStructures, one can export each group,  subgroup and assembly to separate IFC file i.e., it possible to batch export of groups and assemblies to IFC format.

In this wiki, we will learn how to export different groups/assemblies as separate IFC files.

Note: This feature is implemented in ProStructures CE Update 5.2.


1. Open the required and navigate to backstage File>Export>ProStructures File Types>Export

2. Select the whole model or groups/assemblies for which separate IFC file needs to be created. After selecting the elements left click to accept and this will open the ‘Export’ dialog.

3. In the export dialog choose export interface as ‘3D group as Separate File’ and click on ‘OK’.

4. Another dialog ‘Export Groups’ will open where you can control and define following options before exporting.

A) Path of export for all files
B) Name of the Subfolder which will contain all the files
C) Make sure that file type is selected as ‘IFC’
D) Enable the required options for creation of separate file i.e., Groups, Subgroups and assemblies etc. and set required names for each folder. (Refer the image below for better understanding)

5. Once all options are set then click on ‘OK’ button and this will start generating IFC files for each group and these files will appear at the provided path.

In this way, we can create separate IFC files in batch for groups and assemblies.

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