There is Only One Titleblock

 Product(s):Promis.e, Bentley Substation
 Area:Project Management
 Subarea:Project Manager

Problem Description

Whenever I try to create a new page and browse for a different title block, why is there only one title block listed to choose from?


When you select the [...] browse button to browse for a new title block, it brings up the Select Title Block dialog, and the Name field in that dialog is populated with the name of the most recently used title block.  The software automatically filters on the contents of the Name field, therefore the only title block you see listed is the current one, since that is the only one that matches the exact name in the Name field. 

Steps to Resolve

Blank out the contents of the Name field to clear the filter and see all available title blocks, or start typing in the first few characters of the desired title block name and it will start filtering the list on those characters.


 Original Author:Tani_S

Keywords: titleblock