Creating New Weld Style in ProSteel

 Version(s):CONNECT Edition / V8i 
 Subarea:Weld Styles


User sometimes need different Weld Symbols or Weld Styles. user can customize or can make their own Weld Symbol via Weld Style Dialog. Weld Style allow user to create new Weld Style, customize the Existing Weld Style. These styles will then store to the library and can be recalled while placing any connection. This document will explain how to create new Weld Style.


Weld Style or Weld Symbol can be generated via Weld Style Dialog. Please follow the below steps to make this.

1. Open the Weld Style Dialog and go to Sort Tab. You will see all the Existing Weld Styles. at the bottom of dialog box there is a button to create new style.

2. Click on that button and new dialog will appear to type the new style name.Type appropriate name and say Ok, you can see the new style is listed in the Loaded Styles. 



3. Now move to next tab, Weld style Display, one before this Sort tab and in that you will find buttons or options to create the Weld Geometry.


    1) First setting allows user to select the Line Type, Text Style, Welding Options, like  All around or Field Weld etc. Also user can set the text Size, Symbol Size and color of Text, line and Symbol.


   2) Second switch allows you to do setup for the Topside Style Settings. Here you can assign which Weld Symbol you want to display at topside and also can setup other related parameters.



   3). In the same using the third switch you can assign the Weld Settings/ Symbol for the downside weld. 

4. After setting all these you need to sve it so that it can be saved in the library.

All these styles can be found in the following path.

A. For CONNECT Edition >> Drive:\ProgramData\Bentley\ProStructures CONNECT Edition\Configuration\WorkSpaces\<Localization/Workspace>\Standards\ProStructures\Welds

B. For V8i >>  Drive:\ProgramData\Bentley\ProStructures V8i S8\WorkSpace\ProStructures\Localised\<Localization>\Styles\WeldStyles\Metric