Ownership message flashes briefly, page does not open

Product(s):Promis.e, Bentley Substation
Area:Project Management
Subarea:Project Manager

Problem Description

When I try to open a specific page, a message box appears briefly on the screen then disappears and the page does not open.

If the message is captured, it reads like the following:

Jane.Doe is working on this file and has not yet committed the most recent changes. Do you want to take ownership of these changes?
[OK]     [Cancel]


This message indicates Design History has been initialized on the DGN file for the page. Design History is a platform tool not supported in promis.e and Bentley Substation.

Steps to Resolve

Take ownership of Design History changes automatically, eliminating the prompt

  1. Select Workspace > Configuration from the main pull down menus.
  2. Select the MS_DESIGN_HISTORY_OWNERSHIP variable and click Edit.
  3. Set the new value to 0 (zero), click OK.
  4. Restart the software. The page should now open.

Alternatively, using [[Rebuild Project Database]] allows the ownership prompt to stay on-screen so that ownership can be taken.

To prevent the problem occurring for the next user to try to open the page, commit the changes by clicking the scroll icon in the lower right of the application window and select Commit.


Do not select Utilities > Design History > Initialize while a project page is open. Design History is not supported. Reverting to a previous revision may cause discrepancies between the project database and the DGN file.

Initializing Design History can be disabled by setting the MS_DESIGN_HISTORY variable to create=0. A restart of the software is required.

 Original Author:Matt_P