Is it possible to export NWC/NWD files from ProStructures?

 Version(s):CONNECT Edition
 Original Author:Mihir Patil, Bentley Product Advantage Group


The NWC,NWD files are the file type supporting the Navisworks. Users generally use the Navisworks for reviewing the 3D design model. Hence, numerous times there is a requirement of exporting the dgn to nwc/nwd file so that ProSteel data can be reviewed in the Navisworks.

In this wiki, we will see that in ProStructures, if it is possible to export to NWD/NWC file format.


A) Export to NWC/NWD from the ProStructures CONNECT Edition:

It is not possible to export the dgn to nwc/nwd file format as this functionality is not there provided in the ProStructures CONNECT Edition versions. Hence it is not directly possible to export to nwd/nwc. However,
users can create solid files and convert this into dwg. Users can open this dwg in the Navisworks.

B) Export to NWC/NWD from ProStructures CONNECT for AutoCAD:

Users can export nwc files from the ProStructures for AutoCAD versions with the help of command nwcout. For better understanding, refer to the steps below.

1. To use this command, users must install the Navisworks' NWC Export utility (from the Autodesk website)

2. Once this utility is installed, then you can use the command 'nwcout' which will export the file.

So, we can conclude that it is possible to export to NWC from the ProStructures for AutoCAD versions only.