Error - Can't Install or Find AccessDatabaseEnginex64

Version(s):08.11.08.xx -
Environment: 64 bit OS and 64 bit AutoCad
Area: Installation/Configuration
Subarea: N/A

Error or Warning Message

A message indicating that the software can't install or can't find the AccessDatabaseEnginex64 comes up during installation or at startup:

Can't find AccessDatabaseEngine for x64.
You need install AccessDatabaseEngine before run AutoCAD version promis.e on 64-bits system.


This error occurs when the 64-bit AutoCAD version of promis.e is installed on a system that already has an incompatible version of the Microsoft Office products installed.  Microsoft does not support and will not allow both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Office suite of products to be installed on the same machine.  In order for the promis.e 64-bit version to truly operate as a 64-bit program, it requires the AccessDatabaseEngine_x64, as described in the Install Guide, and in the [[Compatibility Chart - promis.e|Compatibility Chart]].

How to Avoid

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