Error at Startup - Operation must use an updateable query

 Product(s):Promis.e, Bentley Substation

Error or Warning Message

"Operation must use an updateable query" error message displays at startup, after which none of the Promis.e/Substation tools function.

Internal Error
Error Message: Operation must use an updateable query.
TargetSite: Void ExecuteSQL(Int32, System.String)
DeclaringType: MDBProxy.ConnectionManager
Attributes: internal
MemberType: Method


This error usually indicates the user does not have the required permissions for one of the Access type (.mdb) databases the software is configured to use, or for the folder containing said file.

When this error occurs at startup the problem is typically with the Mutli_Language_UI.mdb file, or the parts database file (if using a .mdb parts database), or the "\[[promis-e Data folder|promis-e Data]]\Databases" or "\[[Substation Data folder|Substation Data]]\Databases" folder itself.

How to Avoid

Check the user's permissions for the paths and files the software is configured to use. This may require looking at the setup.xml file since the [[Setup]] dialog cannot be accessed after the error occurs. Earlier versions of the software required Read/Write/Modify permissions on the folders. Since promis.e V8i SELECTseries 1, the Data folder can be set to Read-Only. However, explicitly denying write permissions or possibly using other permission scenarios can lead to the error message.

 Original Author:Matt_P