Detailing a Steel Stair Assembly

Product(s):ProStructures, ProSteel
Version(s):CONNECT Edition (10.XX.00.XX)
Subarea:2D Detail Center - Standard
Original Author:Alistair Lobo, Bentley Product Advantage Group


This document will guide you on how to edit a detail style for creating a stair 2D drawing for its views.  



1) In the Stair tool, go to the Workframe section and check-on all the Views. This will load all these respective views in the 2D Detail Center Standard for you to customize and produce the 2D drawings. 

2) 2) Next, move to the Assignment section and make sure to assign a correct / appropriate description for each part of your stair. This will later help you to add these parts for 2D Display & Dimensioning in the 2D Detail Center – Standard (mentioned in Step - 7). Then click on OK to accept your settings for the stair. 

3) Now, check for the correct assignments of Description in the PS Properties of the individual Stair Steps, Stringers and Landing Plates. Assign correct descriptions if not already set as per Step 2. 

4) Run the Steel Positioning tool and then load the 2D Detail Center – Standard. 

5) Now, assign a detail style to the Stair Views and open the Preview of the same to edit the detail style. 

6) While editing the detail style, in the 2D Display > Views section, select the Override option and set the clipping distances as required (highlighted in below picture) 

7) Now, expand the Views section and then add the required Display Groups and Parts in the Object Display section by using the Descriptions as classification / filters (set up in Step 2 & 3). You can refer the below picture. 

8) Similarly, you can add Dimension Groups for setting up the dimensions as displayed in the below picture. 

9) Once you have configured all the settings in the detail style, save it and update the preview to check for the same.

10) After following all steps as above and setting up all required parameters, the Stair 2D drawing should be ready as below.