How to Download Promis.e CONNECT - Promis.e CONNECT

 Product(s):Promis.e CONNECT

Steps to Accomplish

If you are not a Bentley SELECT subscriber

Contact Bentley sales using the Sales Contact Request form to arrange delivery of the software for a trial period.

For Bentley SELECT subscribers

  1. Go to Bentley 
    If you are redirected to a page for downloading free Bentley iWare and Bentley Apps instead of what is described below, you do not have download rights for the Fulfillment Center.  Contact your site administrator for Bentley products to request download rights. The site administrator is an employee of your company, not Bentley Systems.

  2. Next Select Software Downloads under My Services.

  3. Next Select OpenUtilities  under Brand and select Apply.

  4. Then Search for Promis.e and select Get Software

  5. Find the appropriate download based on:
    • Language
    • Generation
    • Architecture
    • [[Compatibility Chart - promis.e|Compatibility]] with the intended system and other software

  6. Then  select Download for downloading the Software.

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 Original Author:Satish Saptasagar