How to assign Text Style in 2D Drawings for different type of Text category

 Version(s):CONNECT Edition
 Area:Detail Style/ 2D Output
 Subarea:Text Style
Original AuthorSandip Kar, Bentley Product Advantage Group

Problem Description

How to assign Text Style to 2D drawings for different Text categories like Dimension text, Annotation, Drawing Description, Part name etc.

Steps to resolve

User sometime needs to assign Text style as per their choice.

1. To start with this first you need to set Text Style in Text Style Dialog. This can be done either by copying existing style and then renaming or creating one new style. 
    Here you can choose Text Font from the drop-down list. After setting up all the style save this Style. See the below example.


2. Then create one new Dimension Style and link this new Text Style to that Dimension Style, so that, this Text Style can be assigned in Dimension also (if needed). 
   Below is  one example.


After creating Text Style and Dimension Style, please follow the below steps to assign Text style for different text category.

(A). Assigning Text Style to Annotation:

To Assign Text Style to Title or Drawing Description, please follow the below steps

1. Open your Detail Style in Detail Center

2. Go To 2D Display > Common > Text Display > Text Styles.

3. Here you can create different different Text style names as per your choice. Like If you want particular Text Style for Steel Label, Title, you can create Style name with related category and can                                        assign  Text Style to that name. E.g. if you want Text Style for Title as My_Style, then in Text attributes, select My_Style. Please note that in this Text Style drop down list you can see all the Text Style exists or              created in Text Style Dialog. From that you can select one which you want.


4. Go To 2D Display > Common > Text Display and in Annotation Style select that Style name which you crested. E.g. here if you select  "Title" and click on update button, you will get the description with that font.

The output will be like as below:


(B) Assigning Text Style to Part Name: 

To assign Text Style to Part Name in display settings of Object display, first you need to create Template with your Text Style, Color etc. in Place Label.

1. Go to 3D model and then go Drawing Production > Annotation > Place Label

2. In Annotation Label dialog box, you can select the Style from the Drop down list. You can provide the Size and Color (if you need). Also in DIsplay Style you can setup the Leader line, either you need Leader or want the part name without leader.

3. Then save this as Template as ProSteel/Standard

4. Now open the Detail Center. Edit Detail Style and go to 2D Dispaly > Views > Object Display and in 2D Display settings for the particular Object Group select the Template from Dropdown list in third row of Part Name.

5. Update Detail Style and you will get the output with your required Text Style.

(C) Assigning Text Style to Dimension: 

1. In Detail Style go to Dimensioning > Common and select the Dimension Style as per your created Dimension style from the Drop Down list.

And you will get 2D output with your required Style.