Product(s):  Promise CONNECT Edition 
 Version(s):  10.00.XX.XX to 10.06.XX.XX
 Environment:  N/A
 Area:  Power Platform Customization


The Custom Icon can be used by users to create new icons in the Ribbon to execute command according to key-in specified by the user in the Icon while creating. This document will help the user to create such an icon in Promis.e CONNECT.

Steps to Accomplish

1. Go to the location “C:\Users\(Current User)\AppData\Local\Bentley\Promise\10.0.0\prefs\” and then open the Personal.Promise.dgnlib file with Promis.e CONNECT. 

2. Next go to File  Setting  >> User >> Customize Ribbon

3. Next in the Customize Ribbon dialog go the Customize the Ribbon section and then select the Workflow  (e.g. Electrical ) >> Ribbon (e.g. 2D Design) >> Group (e.g. Selection) according to user requirement where the icon needs to be created.

4. Next select the New Button Dialog, then add the Label for the Icon, next specify the command in the Key-in which needs to be executed when the icon is clicked. Then select the Icon according to your requirement and click Apply.

5. Next once the changes are done go to File  >> Click Save Settings.  Now Promis.e can be launched normally to use the Icon.

Note: Make sure you make a backup of the file Personal.Promise.dgnlib so that in case the user settings are reset to default the user can make use of the backup file to bring back the customization.

How to Deploy the Setting to multiple users

The Settings can be deployed by copying the Personal.Promise.dgnlib with required customization and pasted in the users machine in the location “C:\Users\(Current User)\AppData\Local\Bentley\Promise\10.0.0\prefs\” on another users machine.  

 Original Author:Satish Saptasagar