Blank, gray project pages in Bentley Substation

 Product(s):Bentley Substation
 Area:PowerPlatform Support

Problem Description

After opening a project page there is no drawing area, it is just a gray, blank area.


All the Views are toggled off.

Steps to Resolve

  1. After opening the page, look near the bottom of the screen. There should be several small buttons numbered 1 through 8


    If you do not see the view toggle buttons, select Tools > Views > View Groups > Open As Toolbox.

  2. Click the 1 button to turn on View 1.

If the page reverts to having no views enabled when it is reopened, enable View 1 once again then select File > Save Settings.

How to Avoid

Do not attempt to close pages by clicking the X button in the upper right of the design area. This closes the view but does not close the DGN file.

The proper ways to close a page include the following:

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