Installing SQL Server Express locally for OpenUtilities Substation CONNECT

 Product(s):OpenUtilities Substation CONNECT Edition
 Version(s): 10.00.XX.XX to 10.10.XX.XX
 Environment: NA
 Area: Database Platform Support
 Subarea: NA


OPenUtilities (OU) Substation requires a connection to a SQL database to store project data. When installing OU Substation SQL Express is installed, but sometimes due to user permissions issues on the local machines, the SQL is not installed with all the user permissions. 

In this document, the user can refer to the steps to install SQL Express with all the minimum permission for using with Substation. steps are provided to install SQL Express 2016 but the user can install any version of SQL Express on the local machine by referring to the compatibility chart details to find the compatible version of SQL Express according to the version of Substation that has been installed.

Steps to Accomplish

1. Download the SQL Express version compatible with Substation as per the above link. The below link can also be used to directly download and install MS SQL 2016 Express version which will be used as a reference example for the steps to be followed.

2. Install the downloaded setup and select Custom 

3. Select the Location for installing the SQL Server and select Install. 

4. After the Download has been completed in SQL Server Installation Center Dialog select Installation and New SQL Server ......

5. Next in SQL Server 2016 Setup check I Accept the License terms and select Next

6. Select Next until the Feature Selection section and select the Instance Feature as seen in the below image and select next

7. Now in Instance Configuration provide a name to the SQL Server according to requirement and select Next. 

8. Now select Next until the Database Engine Configuration section, in there add the current user if not already added as an Administrator by selecting Add Current User. Also, the SA (System Administrator) password can be specified by selecting the Mixed Mode if required by the user and specifying and confirming the SA Password, and select Next.

9. After the installation is completed, Create the Project Database by following the steps in below Wiki Link.

 Original Author:Satish Saptasagar