How to Batch Convert Promis.e DGN drawings to DWG

 Product(s):Promis.e CONNECT Edition
 Version(s): 10.00.XX.XX to 10.08.XX.XX
 Environment: NA
 Area: Power Platform Support
 Subarea: NA


How to convert and save Multiple Promis.e Projects Pages to DWG files ?

Steps to Accomplish

1. Open any Project Page for which the files need to be exported and select File >> Tools >> Batch Converter

2. Click the button that has a tooltip of Add Files or Directories to Convert and add the DGN files for the desired project pages.

3. Choose "DWG" for the Default Output Format select all the drawings then select the Apply to Selection option.

4. Now select Process Batch Convert Job. 

 Original Author:Satish Saptasagar