How to Correct the Insert Point Symbol Level in OpenUtilities Substation


 Product(s):OpenUtilities Substation CONNECT Edition
 Version(s): 10.08.XX.XX to 10.11.XX.XX
 Environment: NA
 Area: Component Feature 
 Subarea: NA


There was a BUG in the earlier version of Substation where the level for the Insertion Point of the symbol was not correct. This issue was fixed in Promis.e, but the symbol that is already placed will still not have the Insertion Point on the correct level. This Wiki Article help to assign the correct Level "ECT_DGRM_RFPT_MARK" to the Insertion Point Symbols

Note: This feature is available in the Substation version after Substation CONNECT Update 6 and later versions.

Steps to Accomplish

1. Select the Key-In options from the 2D Design >> Key-In under Primary.

2. In the Key-In Dialog key-in "ecad modify insertpointlayer" and select Enter Key.

 Original Author:Satish Saptasagar