ProStructures CONNECT Edition FAQ

ProStructures CONNECT Edition Frequently Asked Questions

​See the Installation Requirements for a list of supported operating systems.

Yes, you can install ProStructures CONNECT Edition alongside the previous versions of ProStructures V8i (SELECTseries 8). You can also run both versions in parallel simultaneously.

See the Activating Your Product document.

For the list of supported ProjectWise versions, see the “ProjectWise Managed Configuration” section in the What’s New.

The ProStructures CONNECT Edition installs Autodesk ® RealDWGTM 2018 which supports DWG versions 14 – 2018.

Unless high security is required by your organization, you would start with the “ProStructures CONNECT Edition” shortcut, using the “ProStructures MicroStation CONNECT Edition” will start the product in pure MicroStation bypassing all ProStructures functionalities.

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Click on the blue arrow on the right side of your screen   to switch to the “Workpage”. Once in the work page, you can create new files or open existing ones. Similarly click the left side blue arrow to get back to the welcome page.

You should select one of the available workspaces from the “Workpage” workspace dropdown.

One WorkSet per each installed workspace is created by the installer. In the Workpage  --> WorkSet dropdown, either select an existing WorkSet, or create/add a WorkSet to the selected workspace.

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The backstage is the area where you can find many utilities and settings, to get to the backstage, click on the “File” tab while in an open file.

With ProStructures CONNECT Edition, files should be associated to a workspace and a WorkSet. The workspace and WorkSet information is kept in the file until you associate the file to a different workspace.

If you are starting a new ProStructures session, in the workpage select/set a workspace and a WorkSet from the dropdowns, then create a new file by specifying a seed file.

If you are already in a file in a running session, go to the backstage (File):

If you want to create the new file in a different workspace, select “Close”, this will bring you back to the workpage, at this point you can repeat the above steps.

If you want to create the new file in the active workspace, select “New” to create your file.

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If you are trying to open a file at the start of a ProStructures session, select a file from the workpage “Recent Files” list or browse for one. Otherwise, if you are already in a file in a running session, go to the backstage (File), then select a file from the “Recent Files” list or browse then click to open.

If the file you have selected is associated with a different workspace then the current, ProStructures will notify you, to either accept the workspace associated with the file, or reassign it to the current workspace.

ProStructures provide different methods to switch workflows in runtime the most common are:

Select a workflow from the dropdown in the Quick Access ToolBar

Alt keys + function key combinations provide several options to switch workflows

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Yes, keyboard shortcuts and function keys are still available in the CONNECT Edition, however the fastest way to access most commonly used commands are accessible from the Popups.

Pressing the spacebar on the keyboard brings up the MicroStation most commonly used commands in any workflow.

Pressing the slash key “/” on the keyboard brings up the ProSteel or ProConcrete 3D or 2D commands, based on the active steel or concrete workflow and 3D or 2D model space.

In previous versions the spacebar was used to toggle between rectangular and polar, now you have to press the letter “m” on the keyboard, and the spacebar is used to invoke the popups menu.

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Typing the desired command in the search field at the top right of the interface will allow ProStructures to display all available commands and their location. By clicking the desired command from the list, the menu will switch to where the selected command is found.

You can access the help documentation by disabling the “Use Online Help” in the backstage --> Settings --> User --> Preferences dialog box

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To create your own custom workspace and workset refer to, and select Structural Detailing --> Publication: "ProStructures CONNECT Edition Configuration Setup Guide".

They are saved at \\Users\your_name\AppData\Local\Bentley\ProStructures\10.0.00\prefs\Personal_WndCfg.

To redisplay the ribbon, click on the toggle arrow between the search field and the help “?” mark.

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All available export/import options are accessible from the backstage Import and Export pages.

You can access the from backstage --> Settings --> User --> Preferences dialog box.

You have access to all available toolboxes, enable one or more from the backstage--> Settings --> User --> Tool Boxes

The CONNECT Advisor is incorporated in ProStructures CONNECT Edition. To launch it click on the blue button to the left of the help “?” mark.


Clicking the personal portal link in the dropdown next to the search field will take you to your CONNECTION Center.

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Yes, the command “key-in” method is still available on the CONNECT Edition.

By pressing “Enter” on your keyboard or from the ribbon bar.

The easiest way to get to the “Bentley Cloud Services” is to log into the “CONNECTION Client” or online through


To learn about migrating and setting up, please refer to ProStructures CONNECT Edition Configuration

No, however, if you are connected, it helps you produce better designs by facilitating collaboration, interoperability, standardization, and skills development. It also provides you greater insight and control over your project design, deliverables and the people working on them.

You can run V8i products on your computer next to ProStructures CONNECT Edition, however for supported ProjectWise versions refer to the “ProjectWise Managed Configuration” section in the What’s New.

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