How to generate a 3D Cable from a B-Spline using OpenUtilities Substation

 Product(s):OpenUtilities CONNECT Edition
 Environment: NA
 Area: Component Features


The users some might need to draw cable in 3D layout Mode which might be complex and difficult to draw using Insert Cable with 2 points and Sag. In this article we will see how a B-Spline can be used to be converted into a 3D Cable. 

Steps to Accomplish

1. Draw a B-Spline in the 3D Layout mode as per requirement which will act as center line for the Cable. 

2. Click 3D Design >> Insert Substation Objects >> Select the Part Number needs to be assigned to a Cable >> Insert

3. In the Placement options dialog select Method: By path >> Specify the Level of the cable >> Select the B-Spline by giving a data point. 

 Original Author:Satish Saptasagar