Resolved issues in Promis.e CONNECT Edition Update 11,

Product:Promise Substation
Generation:CONNECT Edition

Update 11,

432004[Delete Project]Creating a project with a page having reference, and backup the project, then delete the project, it popups unexpected dialog.
432594[Project Manager] Pages cannot fresh after switch from Favorite tab to Local Folder or ProjectWise in Project Manager
537866[Update Wiring Diagram]Updating wiring diagram pages, It popups error dialog in some special condition. 
553076[PW Integration][Update/Refresh Page] When update or refresh one closed page and keep another page opened, it prompts check in twice
601382[Dialog Configuration] Select Part  Number dialog configuration not saved in Registry like Parts Database Manager
613415[Re-Sequence Wire Link][Performance] It takes about 2 min 50 sec to open the Re-Sequence Wire Link dialog in users Substation project
716988[Project Manager]Description is not getting update in Project directory (name include &)
727238[WireManager] Unhandled exception occurs when close the Wire Label Preferences dialog in Wiring Manager dialog
728021[Modify Page][Multi Project Database] Modify page reports error on two different database projects
728030[Symbol Text] After modify I/O text, many hidden symbol texts will show on the drawing
729523[PLC Attributes]PLC attributes value are visible while inserting but not visible while editing the symbol
730275[Symbol Attribute] The user is facing the issue that the position of the Part Number Attribute in a symbol is not maintained when the symbol is placed / updated
738089[PW Integration] Ecad.dgn file should be removed from PW project
740640[PW ][Catalog]The initial catalogs loaded in the Catalog Manager don’t same with that in Modify Catalog Path after switch launching software from local to with PW.
744085[Auto Backup]It should give a detailed information in AutoBackup.log file for a project missing required file or database connection.
745709[PLC Text] Internal Error message when adding apostrophe to PLC I/O text which has family assigned
745900[New Page][Title Block Sheet Model]Create a page with toggle of Place title block in Sheet Model turned on, modify the page description, the modified info cannot display in the sheet model in time.
747700[PW Integration] Project Path is not updated in database when a folder is renamed in PW Explorer that contains Substation Projects
748268[PW Integration] Custom Page Attributes value updated via PWExplorer cannot be seen in Substation page properties 
749184[CreateCatalog_PW] DeviceDB Error Message: Could not find file 'xxx\Catalog.mdb' appears after create a catalog and create a page by default 
754430[AutoBackup]The AutoBackup.log file logs the details of folders that are not project folders as Invalid project path
763967[SQL Server] When SQL Server is down or not available Promis.e should give correct error message indicating the issue
763967[SQL Server] When SQL Server is down or not available Promis.e should give correct error message indicating the issue
764454[Multi-Language MDB] Multi_language MDB is not changed When active workspace is changed if switching between projects with different workspace 
764454[Multi-Language MDB] Multi_language MDB is not changed When active workspace is changed if switching between projects with different workspace 
774409[Rebuild Project Database] Multiple users can Rebuild Project Database for a Project at the same time
775523[Title Block] When Title Block is placed in Sheet the page descriptions are not updated in title block after they are saved 
775581[Modify Page] For page with Title Block placed sheet the modify page dialog cannot be accessed by right click on the title block
781211[Cable Manager] An error occurs when opening Cable Manager in user project
792099[Options]Validation Prompts ->Prompt for saving page when switching pages doesn't work well and an error appears
792718[Create Symbol] Symbol DGN not created when new symbol created using Import Symbol Graphics method
800409[Rebuild Project database] Cross reference is shifted to spare after rebuilding project database 
800623[Balloon Number] Balloon Number cannot be seen in construction drawing when the balloon number is located in Parts Database
800969[Configuration Variables] ELEC_CATALOG_PATH Level is automatically changed from WorkSpace to WorkSet after copy a catalog and click OK in Catalog Manager -> Modify Catalog Paths
806331[Modify Page]Page descriptions details are not updated in title block if title block is placed in sheet model when page is open
815307[Multi DB][Insert Symbol] Insert symbol reports error after switch project with different DB
847749It reports error to select some page(s) of users  Project 
848735[Copy Page]The part number is incorrect after copying panel layout page and wiring diagram page.
855017[Catalog Manager] When switching to a project associated with different workspace then current the catalogs list in Catalog Manager are not updated accordingly
861517[Sub ID]It cannot popup the expected EDC dialog when inserting a symbol with more than two sub ids in panel layout/wiring diagram page.
862139[Display Part Numbers]The part number cannot display in the drawing.
862255All Cross Reference goes to the left down corner of the drawing.
863609[Balloons] balloon callouts display incorrect Balloon Number values after user edits balloon number
863646[Balloons] balloon callout graphics change position after user makes edits to Balloon Numbers
865676[Replace Symbol] connection point order not always maintained when user executes Replace Symbol or Update Symbol
868408[Page Copy][Wire Link]Cross Reference / ID text position on copied page does not match source page
871021[Catalog Manager] After rebuild catalog, the categories in the catalog are missing.
871043[Catalog Manager][Create Family]Create a new family, it cannot be saved in the catalog.
872781[Create Symbol]Modify a symbol, add cp, and place the added cp, it popups error dialog.
872786[Catalog Manager] Copy a catalog to the catalog path, it cannot list in the catalog manager.
874064[Symbol Create Wizard][Place Connection Points]Clicking Place button reports error.
874067[Create Macro]Manage->create macro->It cannot call out the create macro dialog using the attached project.
876097[Symbol Create Wizard] Insert Symbol in ‘Specify Device ID’ step reports error.
876498[ PW Integration][Project Manager] Click Thumbnails in Project Manager reports error with PW project
880979[Delete Page] After a page is deleted the details associated with Balloon Callout that were present on the page are not deleted from the dbo.SymbolBalloonGroup table in Database 
885059[Wire Sizing] It occurs error to use wire sizing feature.
885153[Project Manager] Project icon cannot be updated with open page and close page
885799[Copy Page][Wire Link] Wire link ID in copied page cannot match source page
885815[Project Manager][New Page] Create new Wiring diagram page occurs crash in the attached project
889656[New Project] It reports error during creating project after launch Promise at the first time.
889750[Copy Balloon]Sometiems the copied balloon callout inserted by Device is not correcet.
889778[Orphaned Balloon][Move] Move Orphaned Balloon will crash
890303[Copy Balloon]There is a unexpected Orphan balloon record after copy pages with reference files.
890396[Copy Balloon]The details info are not correct if the device has more than two part numbers. And it lost the revision number info.
893910[Balloon by Device] Modify/Move/Delete balloon placed by device two times report error
897082[Wire Link] wire link cross-referencing not working properly when user is using ProjectWise Managed workspace
897252[Re-sequence Wire Link]There are duplicate records in the Re-sequence Wire Link dialog.
897963[Autobackup] autobackup stops and waits for user input with Alert Message "The project will be updated to new version"
897968[ProjectWise Integration] rename one or more folder in project path causes Alert Message "The project will be updated to new version" to appear
898681[Insert Symbol by Device ID]The software will crash if insert all child symbols groups by insert symbol by Device ID.
910002[Ribbon][PLC Generator] It reports error to click PLC Generator ribbon.
915902[Insert Macro]Create a macro and then insert it in the same page with all options not maintain, the device tags are not correct in the drawing.
923444[Sub ID] It cannot popup the expected EDC dialog when inserting a symbol with more than two sub ids in schematic page.
923661The General_Cables type of wire drawn by Draw Wire command can’t be seen by default on Single Line Mode page after paste a circuit.
930920[PW][AutoBackup] AutoBackup failed for valid PW Project
930939[Parts Database] The default displayed parts database is not refreshed according to the selected one in Configuration Variables 
933459[Project Manager][Delete Project] a different project having same project_id  in another Project Database is deleted
933879[Options] Components Center is disappeared in Options in Promis.e U11
934580[PW] Fail to launch software with PW with the warning of ‘Common data folder does not exist’.
935447[Device Properties] A strange EDC appears when click OK in Device Properties after modify Device Tag and select a child for a symbol
935481[I/O Text] Fail to update I/O Function Text in Parent chart symbol for the selected Child 
937692[Publish Project To Server] Publish Project To Server is disappeared from the right click menu on a project in Promis.e
937883[Balloon]Activate the reference file the second time, the balloon callout inserted by activate the reference file is not correct.
938965[Project Publisher] It has problem to publish some Promise sample projects and PGE project.
939151[PW integration][Project Selection] It cannot list pages in Project Manager after restart Substation with pw 
940012[Create Symbol]Place two created new symbols in the wire, and the wire between the two symbols does not has the from and to information.
945683[MicroStation Mode] The WorkSpace and WorkSet are not loaded automatically after launch Substation/Promise MicroStation Mode.
945683[MicroStation Mode] The WorkSpace and WorkSet are not loaded automatically after launch Substation/Promise MicroStation Mode.
946469[PW integration][project Manager] It cannot list demo projects' drawings in Project Manager thumbnails
947123[Office update][ Access Database Engine] Start and close software will crash after office update
948300[Copy Page]Copy page with terminals to other project, there are some duplicate records in the insert symbol by device id dialog.
957969[Rebuild Project] Cannot rebuild project database when the software is closed during the rebuild project