How to create Deployment Image for OpenUtilities Substation CONNECT Edition

Product(s):OpenUtilities Substation CONNECT
Version(s):10.00.XX.XX to 10.06.XX.XX


Deployment Image


The deployment image is created by the system administrators for installing the application with the same installation configuration on multiple machines. The installation configuration includes the installation location, features, shortcuts, additional packages, and so on.

Once created, users will be able to double-click Setup.exe file for the software available in the deployment image to install the application with the set configuration without the need of any user interaction or internet connection for component downloads. The deployment image can be shared in the network.

The deployment image contains all the files that are packaged with the product as well as the downloadable files, including Companion Features and Applications. It may optionally contain external applications or packages that can be add or removed while creating the deployment image which may be pre-requisites for the software. The image does not analyze the system on which it is created. It simply saves all the components for installation. The deployment image also saves the installation configuration.

Steps To Accomplish

1.In the command line Search type in Run which will open the Run Command.

2.In the Run command dialog box ,Click on browse to go to the location of the setup file of OpenUtilities Substation CONNECT.

3. After the path of the setup file is added in the Run dialog box , at the end of the path type the details "/layout" after providing a space and click Ok.

4. Next the OpenUtilities Substation dialog opens. select Configure tab. Its optional to install the companion features and applications.

5. Next select the location where the application will be installed while using this deployment image and select Next.


6. Next select the location Delivered Configuration needs to be installed where the Configurations and the WorkSpace for the user will be installed and then select Next. And if planning to deploy custom configuration for then select the option Custom Configuration and specify the path or Custom Configuration folder.

7. Next select the Deployment Image Setting according to requirement, and then Select the deployment image location according to requirement and select Next

8. Next select the setups / prerequisites you want to be included or removed from the Deployment Image and select Done.

9. Next click on Layout which will start creating the layout of the deployment image and download all the required files.

10. After completion of the download the deployment image will be created at the selected location. The resulting files will be similar to the following image displayed. Run the setup file to install the Setup_Substationx64_10.06.00.022.exe for installing the Deployment Image Setup.

 Original Author:Satish Saptasagar