Changing ProductIDs - Admin work after V8i > CE Migration

CONNECT Edition products are Power Products

All sisNET CONNECT Edition (CE) products, including sisFLOW, sisVIEW and sisIMS, are Power Products. This means that they no longer need additional licenses of MicroStation or Bentley Map. The CE products are also no longer an add-on on other products like OpenUtilities Designer, Map or PowerView, which was the case with version V8i SS4.

When installing sisNET CE, you only have to install the appropriate sisNET flavor, depending on the network commodity that you want to work on. When installing sisFLOW, sisVIEW or sisIMS CE, no other Bentley products need to be installed with it. The following table has the full list of CE products and their ProductIDs:

Product Name


Product Name


OpenUtilities sisNET Electric


OpenUtilities sisFLOW


OpenUtilities sisNET Heat


OpenUtilities sisVIEW


OpenUtilities sisNET Gas


OpenUtilities sisIMS


OpenUtilities sisNET Water


OpenUtilities sisNET

(since Update 5)


OpenUtilities sisNET Wastewater


OpenUtilities sisNET Multi Utility


Setting the proper sisNET CE ProductID

When you are upgrading sisNET from V8i to CONNECT Edition, the administrator has to configure which of the sisNET CE products is to be licensed. This is done by setting the appropriate sisNET ProductID. If this is not done, the sisNET license will default to sisNET Multi Utility (1661), which will lead to a QTL if you are not licensed for that product.

Setting the right sisNET ProductID for licensing is done with the environment variable SISNET_LICENSE_PRODUCTS. Set this to the appropriate ProductID from the second column in the table above, so to one of the values in the 1656 - 1661 range.

This environment variable setting does not apply to sisFLOW (1663), sisVIEW (1665) or sisIMS (1670), they are each licensed with their own ProductID.

Never set SISNET_LICENSE_PRODUCTS to the new ProductID 3172 which is available since Update 5. This environment variable is only to be set to one of the old sisNET ProductIDs.

sisNET V8i modules like HRM, FME Plugin and the SAP Connector are included in the sisNET CE license, so they do not need a separate license anymore.