Update 5 - Version - 11 Feb 2022

The table below lists the fixes and enhancements in sisNET CONNECT Edition Update 5, with version number, released on February 11, 2022. Update 5 was built on PowerPlatform 10.16.02 and OpenCities Map 10.16.02.

The table is sorted on ID; note that some ID fields contain multiple or blank values.

IDNew Change Bug Description
097602 X sisNET Tools: DB update now also recreates the _GEOM_VIEW and _TEXT_VIEW views.
098064 XsisNET: If an object type is deleted in the configuration, the entries for this object type are now also deleted from the Oracle Spatial configuration during database synchronization.
098404 X sisNET: For dimension lines in the as-built plan, it is now possible to delete individual object parts again.
206046 X sisNET: When saving labels in OpenGIS, the label ID and the DAS type are now also stored in the _GEOM_BEST table.
207408X sisNET: relations of cadastre feature types to types from other commodities can now also be exported. This option can be found under „Options“ in the export dialog and is deactivated by default.
211540 XsisNET: If a feature is defined not to be saved in pool files (line 34), this feature type is also no longer listed in the configuration of the Oracle Spatial storage. When saving a job, geometries of this object type are no longer considered in Oracle Spatial storage.
224113 XsisNET: OpenGIS storage: deactivation left some data
491591 XsisNET,sisFLOW: if some ribbongroups are empty because of missing rights they won’t be shown anymore.
501438 X sisNET: Tab „Administration“ in the sisNET ribbon can be deactivated by using the environment variable „SISNET_ DISABLEADMINMENU“.
548126 X sisNET: The sript to create an Oracle Pluggable Database was enhanced tob e able to specify the tablespace size.
579814 XsisNET: The error when saving a DGN file as DXF by using the „Save as“ dialog out of the backstage has been fixed.
579814  sisNET: The error when saving a DGN file as DXF by using the „Save as“ dialog out of the backstage has been fixed.
618523 XsisNET: changing the filter library multiple times crashed sisNET sometimes. This has been corrected.
645553 XsisNET: userdefined toolboxes using named expressions provided by sisNET may get wrong evaluation results because of timing problems at startup. This can be fixed by using the environment variable SISNET_SYNC_TOOLBOXES = 1.
670052X FMEPlugin: sisNET Aimp Plugin for FME 2021 64 Bit has been released.
675104  XsisNET Tools: Add Maps gave an error when adding raster maps. This has been fixed.
676665 XsisNET: „move annotation“ can now be used again for DIMENSION features
678295 XsisNET: the context menu now shows the “show SAP Object” and “release SAP link” entries.
679792  XsisNET: HR module – crash while adding a pipe tot he list of blocked pipes has been fixed.
679891 XsisNET: the error using Undo button contained in the shortcut menu has been fixed.
681709 XsisNET: creating a fence using macro FENCEAREA has been fixed.
683563 XsisNET: using macro LEVELSYMBOLOGY_OFF now shows the results directly. Refreshing the view is now longer needed.
683776 XsisNET: Module CROBJ has been corrected.
690123 XsisNET: georeferenced raster files will now be attached correctly.
690194 XsisNET: the problem showing a selection with fitted view has been fixed.
701535 XsisNET: It’s now possible to move the Objecteditor window outside the sisNET main window.
714066 XsisNET: Batchplot crashes has been fixed.
714711  sisNET: the licensing has been enhanced. Using the environment variable SISNET_LICENSE_USE_FEATURESTRINGS=1 allows the use of the new 3172 license.
719466X sisNET: using geometries out of DWG references is now possible with option „import grafic“ and using the module UMLIN.
721279 XsisNET: module SROHR creates the protection tube only for the wire or pipe that gets the relation.
729759 X sisNET: during the installation sis_data can also be specificated by UNC path.
736308X sisNET: starting sisNET by doubleclicking a DGN file uses a ‚sisNET Multy Utility‘ or a ‚sisNET Multi‘ license. To force sisNET to use the new ProductID (sisNET Multi, 3172) the environment variable SISNET_LICENSE_USE_FEATURESTRINGS=1 should be used at system level: Control panel --> System Properties -> Environment Variables and then at user level.
737085 XsisNET: the wrong position of the geometry placed by module UMSTATION2 has been fixed.
739656X sisIMS Application server, Engine: with the new environment variable WEBSRV_ENGINE_REFRESHPOLICY an optimization of the sisIMS engine performance can be achieved.
The update strategy consists of initializing the engine cache at regular intervals and restarting the engine after a certain number of generated sections. In conjunction with the new tool, EngineMonitor, monitoring of a particular engine can be designed so that when the engine has been shut down in a controlled manner by the refresh strategy, the EngineMonitor tool restarts it. 
Update strategy examples: WEBSRV_ENGINE_REFRESHPOLICY 
1. ""5;10"": => after every 5 requests an init cache is triggered, after 10 init caches (50 requests) the engine is shut down 
2. ""10;0"": => after every 10 requests an init cache is triggered, no shutdown 
3. ""0;100"": => no init cache is triggered, shutdown after 100 requests.
741967 XsisNET HTML documentation: The erroneous 'FileTypen' HTML page has been corrected.
744273 XsisNET Tools: new featuretypes now are getting a correct RNG view after the first DB update.
758587 XsisNET: the crash when using the TopoLayer_CreateFromSelection macro function has been fixed.
759862 XsisNET Tools: DB update sometimes started the Theme configurator at the end. This has been fixed.
780248XsisNET: the crash when displaying a selection in the selection tool was fixed.
783539  XsisNET: The crash when using the view brightness slider has been fixed. The platform or higher is required for the bug fix.
784177XsisNET: The GEFLIB DUMPLEVELTABLE command now works again.
789907 XsisVIEW: The "Detach References" button in the sisVIEW ribbon now also detaches all raster references.
789908  XsisVIEW: The delete button in the sisVIEW Ribbon under Redlining works again.
792544X sisIMS Desktop, Mobile: Support for external WMS services of version 1.3 implemented 
796570X sisNET: The protection tube SROHR module can now be created over several lines to which a relationship is also established.
799886XsisNET: The problems in the interactive mode of the batch plot tool have been fixed.
492323, 645239XsisNET Tools: the project lock during DB update was released to early. This has been corrected.
674971 X sisNET: macro EXPLORER_GETCURRENTTHEME(viewNr) allows a better control oft he workflow in batches:
# Explorer control
# get current Theme
# activate new theme
k: laden explorerthema Wasser
# deactivate Explorer
# activate Explorer
# activate first theme
k: laden explorerthema &_theme        
676666, 676667XsisNET: real values will be displayed correctly creating or modifying a DIMENSION feature.
701061, 738808XXsisNET: the list of tollboxes has been changed. All toolboxes can be activated using the Task dialog or using the list of toolboxes. Some names have been changed.
767291, 767290, 707764XsisIMS Desktop, Engine: The occasional changes of colors in the current color table led to incorrect display of some objects in browsers. The bug is fixed now.
sisNET: Color table to DGN - fixed with new PowerPlatform
785105, 794850XsisNET: The electricity calculation network model (SRM) is now working again.