Xsection - Through Point Cloud / Plain graphic

With version 2021 R1 you can create sections through point cloud if you have a civil drawing/sheet seed where you set the backward.and forward width for purpose.

But sections won't export the point cloud to plain graphic if you export to DGN or DWG.

But this is possible using basic MicroStation clip volume. You can now (probably since platform 10.15.xx.xx) project points to cut plane.
Of course it is ok for a limited number of sections because you can't automatically create a set of Xsections along the alignment.

Note that you can experience performance issue to create the clip volume depending on the point cloud. If it is the case you can export a clipped POD where you want to create the section and attach only this pod file.

The video below shows how to create the section and export to DWG: