Profile - Annotation of Cant Schematic

Just few indications here about annotating cant schematic on profile.

When Constant Amplitude is not used, the schematic line will run inside the frame from bottom margin to a ratio of the cant value and Max Value as set  in the annotation group.

In 2022R1 there is a defect and the bottom margin is multiplied by 2. So if you set 0.002 in the annotation group, you will measure 4 at 1000 scale.


  1. You must set bottom margin to 0.001 to workaround the defect
  2. You must set top margin to 0.003 to get good amplitude preserving the top margin (Top Margin=Desired Top Margin - Bottom Margin)
  3. You must set the Max Value  to 0.00016 = 160mm (MaxCant) - Also an issue with unit. It should be 0.160 (Master Unit, I apologize to Imperial units users)