Loading a Section File

Loading a Section File


There are two (2) options for loading a section file:


Figure 1 - Workspace>Configuration  Menu



Figure 2 - TFDIR_DATA specifies the location of the section files

ii  STRUCTURAL_SHAPES specifies the section files to be automatically loaded by Structural Modeler.  Edit it to reflect the names of the sections to be loaded.  Default is usually us.xml for imperial projects and uk.xml for metric(si) projects.




iii  STRUCTURAL_SHAPES can accommodate a full path (c:\myfolder\myfile.xml).  Step 1Ai may be skipped if the full path is used.




Figure 4 - MicroStation Keyin Window


Figure 5 - Section File Manager

 Figure 6 - Place Column Command

Figure 7 - File>Open Menu on the Structural Sections dialog a.k.a "Section Picker"