How to create or edit a Detail Symbol to be used in a detailing symbol style?

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 Product(s):AECOsim Building Designer
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 Area: Drawing Views
 Subarea: Callouts
 Original Author:Nasir Ghani, Bentley Technical Support Group


How do you create or edit a Detail Symbol to be used in a detailing symbol style?

Steps to Accomplish

  1.   Open your Windows Explorer (File Explorer in Windows 8.x) 

  2.   Create a copy of DetailingSymbolStyles.dgnlib (located in \WorkSpace\BuildingDatasets\Dataset_XXX\dgnlib) and rename copied file if desired

  3.   Start AECOsim Building Designer in MicroStation Mode and open DetailingSymbolStyles.dgnlib (not the copied file as that is now the backup file) 

  4.   Open Models (File > Models) and create a Copy of the Model you want to change and rename it

  5.   Open the Model (copied one), make the changes, Save the file and exit AECOsim Building Designer

  6.   Start AECOsim Building Designer (any Discipline) and open any dgn file 

  7.   Place a Callout (Section, Plan, Elevation, Detail) following screen will open


  8.   Click on Show Detailing Symbol Style Settings (see screen capture above)

  9.   In the Detailing Symbol Styles tool box click on New, this will create a new Style, rename it (screen capture below, No. 1 and No. 2)

10.   Right Click on the new created style and select Activate so it will be available for editing

11.   Change Cell name to created Model under Properties (see step 4) and Save the Style**



**Make sure to change it under the correct section (i.e. if copied model is a Detail Callout make sure that changes are made under Detail Callout under Properties)


NOTE: this will make the New Style, created in step 9, available when placing any Callout (plan, section, elevation, detail) under Detailing Symbol Style (step 7)

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