How to use the "EnergySpaceType Description" DataGroup property

 Product(s):AECOsim Building Designer
 Area:DataGroup System


I am trying to determine how to use "EnergySpaceType Description" property.  When I attempt to add a value it does not allow me to, as though it's read-only.  Is it similar to Classification descriptions that are automatically filled out when a classification is selected?  If so, I don't seem to have a list of values for this property.


The "EnergySpaceType Description" DataGroup property is read-only, based on the classification system chosen, and whether that classification system actually includes both a Code and a Name (description). For example, the MasterFomat, Omni and Uniclass systems do include both, for example MasterFormat's 03 80 00 "Concrete" or Omni's 21-01 10 10 "Standard Foundations".

The ASHRAE and CIBSE classifications, on the other hand, only include codes so the Description fields are blank.

Technically, you can add descriptions to the applicable XML file (currently set to <Name></Name>) if you choose to, though the values are delivered empty based on the standard use of these classifications. 

 Original Author:Steve Cocchi