Integration with external Mechanical & Electrical applications

 Product(s):AECOsim Building Designer
 Version(s):V8i (


Below are details of the external Mechanical and Electrical programs that AECOsim Building Designer will interact with via import\export methods.

Note: This WIKI was created in relation to a direct question about ETAP and ELPOD software.


For AECOsim Building Designer Electrical, there is no interface to ETAP or ELPOD, but it may be possible to export existing Excel reports to be imported into those applications (no "round-trip" ability however).  For lighting software packages, AECOsim Building Designer does include built-in interfaces to export room/luminaire position data to both DIALux and RELUX along with the ability to reimport manufacturer luminaire data.  In addition, an interface to AMTECH ProDesign Calculation is included for export of circuit/cable data from Cable Manager to AMTECH ProDesign (17th edition).

For AECOsim Building Designer Mechanical, aside from standard industry formats such as IFC or DWG the only format directly supported in SELECTSeries5 is CAMduct Export for fabrication purposes.  SELECTSeries6 release includes support for Vulcan software (via i-models), also for fabrication.  SS6 also includes a greatly expanded Duct/Pipe sizing tool for use within AECOsim Building Designer itself.