Profiles joined at an "L" are no longer broken when crossing doors or windows in SS6

 Product(s):AECOsim Building Designer
 Version(s):V8i (
 Environment:Architectural Design


While using the new Place Profile tool, it seems that sometimes when profiles are joined to a corner using the Join at L command, the profile is no longer broken at any door/windows it crosses. It’s as though the door’s sense distance is too small to reach through the profile. The parameters that seem to cause this are:

  1. Placing the profile using the “By Path” method
  2. The profile crosses one or more doors
  3. Joining the profile at a corner (since they don’t join on their own) with the “Connect Forms as L” tool
  4. Having a wall thicker than the Sense Distance on the door (1’-0” by default in the US dataset)


This issue occurs because connecting the profiles disassociates them from the wall; remember that placing a profile using the “By Path” option is meant to assist in placement, not act as a constraint-creation tool. In order to resolve the issue simply increase the door or window’s Sense Distance value.