Transferring a BIM model from AECOsim Building Designer into AECOsim Energy Analysis

 Product(s):AECOsim Building Designer
 Version(s):V8i (
 Area:ASM (Analytical Space Model)


You can transfer BIM models from AECOsim Building Designer into AECOsim Energy Simulator.

Steps to Accomplish

  1. As always when working with energy analysis your 3D model should form an enclosed volume. It can be as simple as a rectangular slab with four walls and a ceiling/roof, with a Space applied whose ceiling height matches the height of the walls/bottom of the ceiling/roof.  Gaps and overlaps should be avoided.

  2. Choose File > Export > Energy Analysis to open the Analytical Space Model Explorer dialog where your current design can be interrogated and checked for validity.

  3. Once you are comfortable with the results, click on the Export button and then click Yes if you would like to open the model at this time.

  4. At this point the handover to AECOsim Energy Analysis will take place, with the ASM Energy Settings & Validation dialog opening in front where you can review and/or change settings, accept and close.

  5. Once in AECOsim Energy Analysis you can perform your analysis and modifications as needed, and if desired export to gbXML.

    Note that the process is one-way at this time since there is no framework for bringing AES data back into ABD. 

For more information please consult these sections in the Help file:

AECOsim Building Designer > What's New in AECOsim Building Designer V8i (SELECTseries 6)? > ABD | AES Integration
AECOsim Building Designer > Building Platform > Energy Analysis
AECOsim Energy Simulator > What's New > What's New in AECOsim Energy Simulator V8i (SELECTseries 6) > Analytical Space Model (ASM) Energy Settings & Validation tool