Change the display of drawing view models to a different color

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 Product(s):SECOsim Building Designer V8i
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 Area: Drawing Views
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 Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group


 How can I change the display of drawing view models that are referenced into a sheet model to a different color or gray scale?


 You can make any of your drawing view models display in gray scale when they are referenced to your sheet model by opening the drawing model after it gets created and before it gets referenced into the sheet.

1.  Open the Level Manager and select the drawing model under the design model  in the hierarchy tree on the left side.
2.  Change Symbology from "ByLevel" to "Overrides".
3.  On the right side of the Level Manager, list the levels by "Used" to show the used levels at the top of the list.  Select them all and change the color to the desired gray or whatever color you want to display in your sheet model.
4.  Close the Level Manager.
Right click on any one of the elements displayed in the view and select "Set Referernce Presentation".
5.  Click on "Level Overrides" under the Presentation category.  Click 6.  OK.

The colors should change in the view to the override color.
Now if this drawing view is referenced into a sheet, the same color should display on it. The only limitation will be if you want to reference the same drawing model more than once in a sheet, but with different override colors.  This cannot be done.
The override colors will be different from the colors in your 3D Design Model.

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