STP File Exported From SAP 2000 is Empty

 Applies To 
 Product(s):AECOsim Building Designer
 Environment: N/A
 Area: Import/Export
 Subarea: CIS/2
 Original Author:Gerard Torres, Bentley Technical Support Group







Problem Description

We are in a metric workspace, metric dgn file w/ CISC.xml shapes file loaded up.  Upon attempt to import STP file generated from SAP2000 all we get is the dgn remains empty and a cryptic error log file is generated.  I'm attaching both the STP file and the log file.  Please decipher the error log for us as well as attempt to import the STP file into your metric environment.  Trying to determine whether our problem resides with the STP file definition or our metric workspace environment.

Steps to Resolve

SAP 2000 is an analytical software and for that reason the files exported from it can't be supported by AECOsim Building Designer since all exported files from SAP 2000 contain analytical data.

For more information about SAP 2000 please visit their home page, if help is needed with SAP 2000 please contact their support directly.  In addition, a possible workaround would be to open/view the file in one of the analytical software provided by Bentley Systems, e.g. STAAD Pro.