CONNECT Edition - How to Migrate a V8i Project(.pcf) to a CONNECT WorkSet(.cfg)

 Product(s):AECOsim Building Designer
 Version(s):CONNECT Edition (


Steps to Migrate V8i Project (.pcf) to CONNECT WorkSet (.cfg)

  1.  Preparation for CONNECT Migration
  2.  Run the 'Configuration Migration' wizard
  3.  Modify WorkSet Configuration File (.cfg)

1. Preparation for CONNECT Migration:

 Before you begin the process to migrate a V8i Project to CONNECT Edition, there may be a couple thing you need to have ready.

 Special Considerations for the AECOsim Building Designer CE - Early Access Program (EAP) release:

2. Run the 'Configuration Migration' wizard:

The 'Configuration Migration' wizard will attempt to convert a v8i Project Configuration File (pcf) into a viable CONNECT WorkSet Configuration File (.cfg) and corresponding DGN WorkSet file (.dgnws). . Please be aware that the 'Configuration Migration' wizard will extrapolate, from the V8i .pcf, a list of configuration variables and their final assignments in order to migrate the required configuration variable to the new CONNECT configuration variables. The resulting Workset configuration file will contain a flat list of the configuration files, without any special formatting, comments or processing logic. This is necessary, due to the various formatting convention to make the conversion viable. If you want to maintain, your Project Configuration File (pcf) formatting, comments and logic, please see How to Manually upgrade V8i Project (.pcf) to CONNECT WorkSet (.cfg) and adopt CONNECT folder structures

 The 'Configuration Migration' wizard automate the following processes:

Running  'Configuration Migration' Wizard:

 1. To access the 'Configuration Migration' wizard do one of the following :
On the Work page, in the WorkSpace drop-down, select Configuration Migration.
Select File > Settings > Configuration > Configuration Migration .
The Configuration Migration wizard opens. 

 2. Select the product from the Product drop-down list. The Configuration Migration wizard displays the V8 generation products installed on your machine and also displays the default Workspace of each product.
  Note: If you are upgrading from AECOsim Building Designer V8i to AECOsim Building Designer CONNECT Edition, you will need to already be upgraded to AECOsim Building Designer V8i, SELECTseries 6, see 'Preparation for Upgrade' above

 3. (Optional) To select a Workspace other than the product's default WorkSpace:

  a. Click Browse.
  b. In the Select custom WorkSpace path dialog, navigate to the root directory of the WorkSpace folder and click Select Folder.

 4. Click Next.
 5. On the Select a User and Project page, select user from the Users drop-down list and project from the Projects drop-down list. 

 6. Click Next.
 7. Do one of the following:

To migrate to a new WorkSpace:
  a. Click the New WorkSpace radio button and optionally enter a new name of the new WorkSpace.
  b. (Optional) Enter new WorkSet name.
  c. Click Next.
  d. (Optional) To select a new location of the new WorkSpace and WorkSet, in the Select Destination page, click Browse. In the Select Custom Workspace path dialog that opens, navigate to the new folder and click Select Folder.
To migrate to an existing WorkSpace:
  e. Click the Existing WorkSpace radio button and select the desired WorkSpace from its drop-down list.
  f. (Optional) Enter new WorkSet name. 

 8. Click Finish.
 9. Restart AECOsim Building Designer session. The converted WorkSpace and WorkSet is displayed in the Work page.

3. Modify WorkSet Configuration File (.cfg)

 • Locate and change DG_PATH value

   DG_PATH = $(_USTN_WORKSETSTANDARDS)datagroupsystem/;$(TFDIR)datagroupsystem/;C:/Program Files (x86)/Bentley/AECOsimBuildingDesigner V8i Ss6/AECOsimBuildingDesigner/datagroupsystem/
   DG_PATH = $(_USTN_WORKSETSTANDARDS)datagroupsystem/;$(TFDIR)datagroupsystem/;$(MSDIR)/datagroupsystem/

 • Modify operator on MS_DGNLIBLIST from = to < (add argument separators ';' as necessary)