Grid bubbles will not print

Product(s):AECOsim Building Designer


Grid bubbles display in my view but will not print.  Also they do not display in the Preview window in the Print Dialog.

In Select Series 6, the Level S-GRID-MASK for whatever reason is covering up the Elevation Target cell.  When it is covered up by this level, it will not print.


To get these cells to print

  1. go into Level Manager and set the Priority of the S-GRID-MASK level to -100 so that the mask is behind the Elevation Target cell. 
    1. In Level Manager, right-click on the level named S-GRID-MASK and right-click and select Properties with a left mouse click. Please note that any graphic elements that intersect the Elevation Target will no longer be masked out but this should be rare.
  2. Or you can create a Pen Table -  You can edit the Printer Driver Configuration file (.pltcfg) and specify the Pen Table name so that it will always be run with the printer driver.  
  3. Or by using a Print Style  - this method is a little more complicated but it can be created as a Default Print Style that would be honored regardless which printer driver you use.