Integrate with ProjectWise directly from Desktop

 Product(s):AECOsim Building Designer
 Version(s):CONNECT Edition ( and above)


I would like to integrate with ProjectWise while opening AECOsim Building Designer from the Desktop. I would like to Log in to the ProjectWise Datasource right when I double click the AECOsim icon from desktop and then open a file from there directly.


Please note that this operation needs system admin credentials. After AECOsim Building Designer is installed in your computer, go to the installation folder (typically C:/ProgramFiles/Bentley/AECOsim CONNECT Edition/AECOsimBuildingDesinger/) then go to Config/appl/

From there open the BuildingDesigner_PW.cfg file in Notepad or Notepad++ and put a "#" in front of the configuration variable named PW_DISABLE_INTEGRATION_FROM_DESKTOP as shown in the picture below:

Save the file and run AECOsim Building Designer. From now on, every time the application is run, desktop integration will be triggered.