Setting The STRUCTURAL SHAPES Configuration Variable

Configuration Variable

STRUCTURAL_SHAPES is now multi-pathed

STRUCTURAL_SHAPES : $(TFDIR_DATA)betong.xml;d:/tmp/stffiles/;d:/tmp/stffiles/russian.stf;d:/tmp/japan/;d:/tmp/data3/german;d:/tmp/data3/polish

If only the file name (e.g. US.xml) is present, it will look in the folder specified by TFDIR_DATA, therefore, config files for 08.05.03 will work.

If STRUCTURAL_SHAPES is not defined, the first file found alphabetically in the folder specified by TFDIR_DATA  will be loaded.



An optional argument is now available to unload a single file name


Opens the FileList edit dialog and shows the currently loaded section files.  The user can add or remove section files which will be loaded/unloaded accordingly when the dialog is dismissed.


Files which are loaded at the end of a session, which were not read from the config var STRUCTURAL_SHAPES, will be saved in tfprefs.rsc and will also be loaded the next time the product is started.



Each Section File (XML extension only) can have one ore mode Codes.  Code is provided to group like section types within a section file.  For example wideflange (‘I' or ‘H') shapes and angle (‘L') shapes identified be their name may be grouped under a code called "Steel" while rectangular and double tee sections identified by their name may be grouped in a separate code called "Concrete".  The same section type can appear under one or more codes.  For example rectangular steel sections, concrete sections, and timber sections can all coexist as long as they're named uniquely.

Changes to Section Picker dialog

Removed label item w/ the file name

New "Code" Combo Box

New "Type" Combo Box


The "Open" menu item queue the new TFSECMGR DIALOG command

Listbox selection in synched to the section name text item.

"W12" keyed in the text item will force the first section name beginning with "W12" in the list box to the top.  Works like a partial "auto-complete"

Bentley Structural

Reuses the new TriForma dialog

Bentley Architecture

GUI unchanged

Shows sections from all loaded codes

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