Managed Data Item

The CIS/2 Import Export commands in AECOsim Building Designer now read and write globally unique IDs (GUIDs) in the CIS/2 model.

If a member already has a globally unique ID created during ISM interop, that ID will be reused and shared in the CIS/2 interop as well.

The Managed Data Item in the CIS/2 model appears as follows:

#629774= MANAGED_DATA_ITEM('BBC10F38-CA6C-47E2-8E18-7FF5A54B2AAD',#0,#629773,(),.T.);

From the CIS/2 Structural Frame Schema ...


EXPRESS specification:

ENTITY managed_data_item;
instance_id : globally_unique_id;
originating_application : OPTIONAL managed_application_installation;
data_item : select_data_item;
history : LIST OF managed_data_transaction;
original_data : LOGICAL;
URM5 : instance_id, data_item;
WRM36 : unique_data_item(data_item);