How can I annotate elements that include OpenRoads Designer Chainage data?

 Product(s):OpenBuildings Designer and AECOsim Building Designer
 Version(s):CONNECT Edition


I have elements with Chainage Start and End asset data created in OpenRoads Designer that I've included in my OpenBuildings Designer file. While I can create a BOM for both Chainage asset and DataGroup elements using the Reports tool, the OpenBuildings Designer Drawing Rule and Annotation tools only seem to work with native DataGroup elements. Is there any way to annotate the Chainage Start and End values from OpenRoads elements alongside the native OpenBuildings Designer DataGroup elements?


Yes, OpenBuildings Designer's annotation tools were designed to work exclusively with DataGroup data. However, you can easily annotate OpenRoads Designer elements that include Chainage Start and End data by using Text Fields as shown in the attached video.

The video also shows how you can copy Text Fields created for one element's Chainage Start and End values to the location of other elements with different values, then use the Edit Text > Reassign command to update those copied Text Fields to reflect different Chainage Start and End values.

Also see: Creating a report that includes a custom DataGroup ID property along with alignment Chainage values.