Floor Management - Creating Floors on a Sloped Plane

Product(s):OpenBuildings Designer
Version(s):CONNECT Edition, V8i
Area:Floor Management


Can sloping floors be created using Floor Manager?


Floor Manager creates a series of reference planes that set the active Auxiliary Coordinate System (ACS) once selected. They are always horizontal.

If the sloping floors involved are flat planes it would be possible to create an ACS oriented to each plane, but these cannot be managed through Floor Manager.

These tools can be created on-the-fly. If a consistent set is required, a set of appropriately labelled ACSs can be created in a shared file available across the project and the users. The ACSs could then be imported via the ACS dialog -> Import ACS button, as and when required. There is also a key-in ACS IMPORT, that goes straight to the Import dialog, skipping the ACS dialog.

This workflow can also be automated using VBA.

Alternatively, the ACSs can also be added to the project seed files.

NOTE that the ACSs are not connected to any elements placed using them, they are simply reference planes used at placement. 

Original Author:Satadal Dhar