The Francis Crick Institute HOK - PLP Architecture London, United Kingdom 2011 Be Inspired Award Winner - Innovation in Generative Design

GenerativeComponents is an associative and parametric modeling system used by architects and engineers to automate the design processes and accelerate design iterations. It gives designers and engineers new ways to efficiently explore alternative building forms without manually building the detail design model for each scenario. It also increases their efficiency in managing conventional design and documentation.

It is an installable Companion Feature to OpenBuildings Designer and other Bentley products, these currently include OpenRoads Designer.

GenerativeComponents captures and graphically presents both design components and abstract relationships between them. This capability lets GenerativeComponents go beyond making geometry explicit; it makes design intent explicit as well. Although designers are working graphically, based on intuition and experience in architectural design, their work is captured in logical form. 

Offering a hybrid approach to design, GenerativeComponents allows you to choose between methods:

GenerativeComponents is being used by many of today's leading design firms to embrace change. It is the design tool of choice for creative architects and engineers who appreciate that design is best when it emerges from a combination of intuition and logic.

GenerativeComponents Resources

YouTube - GenerativeComponents OpenBuildings Playlist 

YouTube - GenerativeComponents 

Archive material:

This section of the GenerativeComponents Documentation is an overview on geometry and parametric approaches.  


                                      Video Tutorials                                           &                                       Short Techniques 




There are also Generative components tutorials available at notion parallax  and with an updated version of the GenerativeComponents Principles presentation available as download by Volker Mueller. Nomadic Form by Carlos David Gonzalez Uribe is a source for speculation and computational research.

 Sharpen your skills with these resources for Learning GenerativeComponents.
The GenerativeComponents Essentials Course.

There are useful examples here on the [[Tools and Techniques]] page.

There are some other great examples here courtesy of design science  

ArtScience Museum - ARUP - 2011 Be Inspired Award Finalist - Innovation in Generative Design