Export to DWG gives error message irrespective of Datasets

 Product(s):OpenBuildings Designer
 Version(s):Update 7 and Update 8
 Subarea: DWG

Problem Description

When using the delivered Designseed.dgn, a DWG file can't be exported. This error message will appear. 


To solve this issue it's necessary to compress all the Dgnlibs and the Designseed.dgn file with the options 'Building Dataset Elements' and 'Unused LineStyles'.

Please Note: This problem only applies to OpenBuildings Designer Update 7 and 8 and is planned to be fixed in Update 9.

1. From File Explorer go to folder 'Dgnlib' in the applicable Dataset. You'll find the respective Dgnlib folder in the below-mentioned path:

C:\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenBuildings CONNECT Edition\Configuration\Datasets\Dataset_Name\DgnLib

In the steps below we will use the NM dataset as an example.

Change the file extension of all the *.dgnlib files to *.dgn using a Command Prompt (cmd).  

   i) Command Prompt can be started from windows

   ii)The Folder paths outlined in Step 1 should be applied in Command Prompt dialogue using the "cd" command. Then type the following command in the next line of the Cmd dialogue: 

ren *.dgnlib *.dgn

3. After changing the files to Dgn, create a new test file in OpenBuildings Designer (or open an existing one) using a different dataset (here other than NM).

4. From the Back Stage go to Tools> Batch Process and run the batch process to compress all the modified DGNlib files. Do this for all the files except the LineStyle.dgn.

5. Before running the Batch Process, toggle on 'Building Dataset Elements' and 'Unused Line Styles' from Compress Options.

   **DO NOT check the option 'include reference** 

NOTE: If you are running the Batch process in MicroStation, Building Dataset Element will not be available in Compress Options.

6. Create a new command file with .txt as an extension


7. In the .txt file give the Key-in as "compress design" and press enter. After and click on the Save button before closing it.

8. Then go to the Batch Process dialogue and select all the .dgn files that were converted previously from DgnLib files in your Dataset.

**Only exclude ‘LineStyle.dgn’ **

9. Start the Batch Process

10.  Once the Batch Process is complete, change the dgn files back to Dgnlib in the Command Prompt dialogue using the command:

ren *.dgn *.dgnlib

11. Compress the Designseed.dgn file, by opening it directly (ref to point 5 above)

12. Now try to export the same file to DWG (which gives the error message previously). No error message will appear.