Spaces - Controlling Area Annotation

 Product(s):OpenBuildings Designer (and AECOsim Building Designer)
CONNECT Edition and V8i


There are two configuration variables that control the display of area auto-annotation.


Area Unit of Display

_ATFSPACES_DISPLAY_UNITS specifies the default area unit label displayed for space elements. This configuration variable can be enabled/disabled in either the active project configuration file (*.pcf), or in a standards .cfg file at site level. If defined at site level the value can be modified at project level in the .pcf.


It can also be defined at the user level via the Configuration dialog, but as such a change is stored in the the user configuration file this is not recommended, inconsistent annotation could result.

When _ATFSPACES_DISPLAY_UNITS is defined the Unit of Display setting in the User Preferences dialog is disabled and the value assigned to the variable is used when the space labels are generated.

Setting Label to SI standard m²

Add the line:


If the annotation label displays as m² change the file text encoding from UTF-8 to ANSI (Notepad++ can do this).

Displayed Precision

TFANNOTATE_AREAPRECISION controls the decimal places displayed in space annotation. This can also be set at site level then overridden at project level.


Acceptable values range from 0 to 6, e.g.: