How to convert TriForma elements to ProStructures elements

 Product(s):OpenBuildings Designer
 Version(s):CONNECT Edition
 Area:ProStructures Interoperability
 Subarea:TriForma Conversion

We have old TriForma Structural models. When opening the model, a dialog box (Structural element upgrade utility) for conversion of structural objects appears, but it does not convert the TriForma structural shapes to ProStructures shapes. 

Note: The Upgrade wizard utility is available in Openbuildings Designer Update 7 onwards.

How to convert TriForma Structural models properly to the new ProStructures elements?


After manually attaching DataGroup instance data to the existing TriForma members using any legacy-based catalog item, the ProStructures upgrade process will be able to scan them. Hence, the TriForma Elements can be converted easily to ProStructure elements.

1. Open your TriForma model and ignore the dialog box (Structural Element Upgrade Utility) as it won’t properly upgrade the model since legacy TriForma Structural elements do not have Datagroup instance data.

2. From the Building Design workflow go to the Data/ Reporting tab > Add data tool > Add instance data as per the TriForma model. For example, it it is a beam, select any Beam catalog item and select the TriForma element. Note: to change a large number of elements one can use the Select by Attributes tool.

3. Now, if you go to Building Element Info, you can see the “DataGroup Data” option attached to the TriForma element.

4. Go to Files > Utilities > Data Utilities > Upgrade Structural Elements, follow the upgrade wizard step by step, and the conversion will be done to the ProStructures elements.

5. Check the element using Building Element Info to insure it has converted to a Prostructures element.

Here is a short video that explains the workflow:

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